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Monday, January 23, 2006

Are Cats like Men?

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I've tryed to seize this question in a very neutral way, because I am a Man, so I wouldn't like to critizice my own gender, but still, I just found this very funny and amusing...

My cat Moreno (or in this case Exhibit A) is a beautiful and soft black cat (almost like a puffed animal), which at first when he arrived home I thought (and so did everyone else) he was a "girl" so we named him Morena, after we took "her" to the vet, to get "her" checked some rash, we found out it was a HE, but not for long... She (the vet) told us, it would be best if we took out this poor cat "manhood", because like that he would be more peaceful, get into less fights and he would get cuter. My dad said yes, I felt sorry for the fellow, but it was done.

Around a month later, he was chubbier, not fat, but really chubby, which I know for experience he wouldn't have gotten that way if he hadn't been castrated, so it got me thinking, when we can't have sex, we don't care about our appearance? Take for example men, after they get married is only a matter of time until they get fat, litterally fat (although most of the time the women are the ones to blame for this).

But if we used to go to the gym, we stopped (and if we go Lord knows we'll eat three time the amount of calories we burned) Is our sex life the one who gets us into shape? Are indeed cats like men? Comments anyone...?


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