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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fighting Tempations

Chocolate Cake
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22 years have gone by, realizing each and every single day my addiction to junk food, Coke, desserts and alcohol (being all of them major don'ts for nutrionists), which of course, in the long run (22 years) won't leave your body in the best shape ever. That's why, I've joined Gold's Gym's "Body Transformation". Their diet is somewhat strict, but is algo great, because it gives you tons of options, but the major dawbrack (which will be in any diet you ever do) are that it cuts carbs and eliminates junk food, coke (at least the regular kind) and sugar. If these aren't the signs of theApocalypse, hell I don't know what it is then...

While I'm on this diet, I've fought very hard not to breake it, loosen it or undone what i've done over the past week, it has been hard. But i understand craving some of Pizza Hut's Pepperoni Lovers, some cold and delicious Coke, even a friggin Meat Burrito from Taco Bell, those I understand, but the suddenly crave for white bread, garlic bread, smoothies among othert food you don't usually crave or want when you're not on a diet made me think: "do we crave what we can't have?"

In some cases its obvious (yacht, private airplane, an island) but to actually desperately want it? Is it in our human nature to be masochists and crave those things we can easily (or not so easily) have to just not appreciate it later?

At least my own answer and conclusion is simply that we just might be selfish and self-centered that we can't simply enjoy what we have, we just want more stuff (be it food, women, men, cars, money, houses) until we find something else and then toss it a side, or be it that we never use it and we miss it when we lose it.

What's your take on this matter? Comment me and let me know..


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