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Saturday, January 28, 2006

'bout lying

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It suprises me, as long as I keep seeing my friends, acquaintances and every now and then a relative (and myself I'm no saint) how much we can actually lie. Sometimes we just say some innocent and white lies "no you're not fat", "you look beautiful" , "i wasn't home". Just to protect someone to make their lifes a litter better, although this not forgives the act of lying itself it makes us feel good, because we've done something good for someone else...

WRONG!, according to some math logic which we all learned around our freshmen year, you cannot accomplish something good doing something bad.

But hey that's just the little things, imagine the big ones, the worst part is when you get caught, because that will only provoke a chain of lies to try and justify the first one, if you believe in God, you should now that lying lands you in hell, if you don't, then at least you believe in karma, and lying does a very bad modjo for your karma.

The worst part is lying to ourselves, we always do and we always believe it as if it were true, "i'm not doing anything wrong, they have problems in their relationship", "i'm happy" , "i love my job", "tomorrow everything will be fine".

We all tell lies to ourselves in hope they will come true, in the long run they won't and in the process we might lose track on who we are and lose those that care the most about us.


  • At 12:28 AM, Anonymous ricKs said…

    i think when you lie you give birth


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