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Thursday, January 26, 2006


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I've always thought, "Seasons Change, People Don't" . I've always and I mean always thought that, but people kep telling me, don't think that, people can change, people deserve second chances (yeah right) after a while, I decided to try that theory, just to prove me wrong and get my faith back on the human race.

Guess what? I was sooo wrong..."Seasons Don't Change, People Don't Change Either" ahhh...now I'm right...In a normal year (in any other country) you have your 4 seasons, winter, spring,summer and fall, but you see, winter can change into spring, but still winter will be back so will spring, its all a cycle, if it'd really change you'd go from an eternal winter to an eternal spring, that's change, transform one thing into another.

And hello!! people changing? nah..! We're all clay, basically we have one form but according to the circumstances we change, we mold to'em but we're still clay, no matter how you put us we're still made of the same thing, so maybe you say someone changed because he was a liar no he's not, but still deep inside he still is, he's just repressing the eagerness to lie, and eventually it will just brake loose and it will just be bigger and wilder and unstoppable. I just don't believe in changes and live has proven me right every single step of the way.

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