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Saturday, January 28, 2006

'bout telling the truth

don't hear evil
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I know this post and the last one are going to be a little contradictory, however, this doesn't make any less truthfull (at least in my eyes) .

Telling the truth, we all at one point or another say "i wish she could've told me, i would've understood" "i wish he told me, what he's doing is worse", we mostly say this kinds of things, when we know someone and we like that someone, but that person doesn't like us back. What does that person does? Doesn't answer his/hers cellphone, doesn't returns our emails, is cold with us, etc..

Those are very BIG hints, but somehow, we just don't get them (or lie to ourselves about them) and a few days/months/years later, when we hear the truth we think or say: "i wish you would've told me, I deserve to know the truth". But lets see how a person would react if they hear the truth from the beginning: "Who does he think he is, he's not better than me, that asshole" or "That little bitch, she doesn't know what she's missing" . Instead of: "At least he/she was honest with me, you gotta give him/her credit for that".

In the end, "We all deserve the truth, but no one wants to hear it"


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