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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

F*ck Up

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After the little encounter with my dad, I was left a little pissed, searching for colleges in which to do my master degrees studies if I wasn't accepted at the ones I'm already applying to... A while later I heard this song on my iTunes, which I loved, Conffessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father) by Lindsay Lohan...excellent song, and have you seen the video? I think that's the first music video that has sent a chill up my spine, I connected with Lindsay, I felt what she felt...

In this song (i'm not implying here in any way that this song if from me to my dad) Lindsay asks her dad if he ever loved her (see the song posted below).. if you're a Lindsay fan, or you watch E! News, you must know that sweet little Lindsay, got really really thin, got some crisis on the set of a few movies and went over all a little crazy and missbehaved...You may think, well fame went up her head, but no, all this came due to some actions her father made, to all the problems and crisis they we're having, I don't condone her, I understand her..., but I'm not here to praise, save nor judge Lindsay Lohan...with this song, and this commentaries, i'm just trying to think...

How do we fuck up someone elses life? Not necesarilly a father-son relationship, it could be to a friend, to our soul mate, to a past partner... Which actions as minimal as they were affect that person future?

I wished that when we died, the angel of death when he comes for us, showed us how our actions helped, paved or destroyed someone dreams, future, moment, anything... even if it happens like that (well I haven't died to see if it happens or not) we should try to be careful, just in case, we don't know how our reactions will affect others, its not that we have to be ultra careful, that's no way to live, but just put a little bit more attention on the things we do/say, somehow we'll avoid to mess up someone.


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