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Here I'll talk about the things I see, feel, think and imagine, of things that are, were or could be, in hopes for people to enter my mind and we could share some thoughts...

Saturday, April 29, 2006

As If

Diaper Man
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Men and women grow, leaving their early age, and moving with each single passing day to or through adulthood... but, oh Lord...there are actually people who should be in adulthood, and somehow manage to get there, but they leave all their luggage on the way, arriving completely blank, with no sense of direction, or self or maturity...

The worst part is when they found people like them, or not necesarilly like them, but those that are young, and try to shape their maleable minds into something they're not, but that their "master" is, you can call this people dumb, or even plain old stupid, but if they're young, you have to understand them, then again, if they're young but go through life saying "I'm mature for my age" and clearly they're not, then yes, they're dumb.

It surprises me when I see, people who tell someone else: "Don't talk to him, if you do, I'll stop being your friend"... Oh my god, are you fifteen? not even fifteen, like ten or twelve maybe... No one can tell me, if you're friends with "X" you can't be friends with me, I'm sorry but if you have a problem with "X" doesn't mean that I have a problem with him, we're two different opposite persons, and if someones does you wrong that's your thing, not mine...

Boys will be boys, girls will be girls, but would they all grow up and learn how to behave?


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