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Friday, March 17, 2006


oh the old times
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I've heard, almost every day of my entire life: "An image is worth a thousand words"...

Its as true as it can be, and for me (being an advertiser) I should never say otherwise, but the fact is that a thousand words are a thousand words.

If you keep reading word after word, it has more meaning than a picture, it means this words are thought of, they're connected there's a reason behind them and what they mean.

It happens when we read a book and then we watch the movie, usually the book is better, why? Because those simple words expand your imagination, they let you imagine, feel and sometimes (if your imagination is strong enough) live those words.

In the world now-a-days where communication has gotten easier and easier, where we can talk in real time with someone who's in the other side of the globe, it just makes me wonder, what we say does it matter?

Blogs, chats, emails, hi5, there's constant typing everywhere, everytime, but most of the words we type are meaningless, "hi, how are you" "good you" "lets go out" "okay, lets". WoW deep meaning behind those words...

In our busy and fast lives, we don't have time to sit and read, be it a book or a long email, but surprisingly we can sit in the dark for three hours and watch a bad movie (don't get me wrong i love films), but we can't find the time to read a short story, or a long email.

Words get through to me more than images, like I said, a picture can say a thousand words, but a thousand words are a thousand words...


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