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Here I'll talk about the things I see, feel, think and imagine, of things that are, were or could be, in hopes for people to enter my mind and we could share some thoughts...

Thursday, March 16, 2006


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I just finished playing an incredible platformer game by the name of Psychonauts. This game, tells the story of a Psychich Summer Camp for kids, in which the heroe of the story, Raz, must enter the mind of their teachers (and some other people) to solve their problems, and eventually save all his friends who've been de-brained (gotten their brain separated from their body), its actually a great game. When entering each persons mind, Raz gets involved in different "environments", for example, one mind is a war zone, other one a big party, it all depends of the owner of the mind and what they've been through...

No, this is not to talk about the game, i'm just saying that stuff, so you can understand where I am going to now.. that got me thinking, if someone could enter my mind (like in the movie The Cell) how would it be like? I picture a lot of different scenarios, a really bright positive almost in a state of high place, a really dark and scary part suited for a horror film, a graveyard with demons and vampires, another part where magic exists and heroes aswell, a boxing ring where i'd be kicking every person who has earned it a major butt kick and a movie theater, yes seriously probably all this stuff could be there, and most of them are scary stuff, but i'd bet it would be completely fun.

I know, no major reason for this post, but still, I wanted to say it, so sue me :p


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