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Monday, February 13, 2006

Un Macho de Mujer

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Last Saturday I went to the Malecon Center Cinemas, to see "Un Macho de Mujer" spanish for what I'll think it'll be translated: "A Macho of Woman" (i'm not sure, but what the heck). My expectations weren't that high, I had heard from a friend of mine, that the movie was good and that it set a new standard for dominican films, I wanted to believe her, but I wasn't sure, then I read on the Listín Diario newspaper, a critic made by Armando Almanzar (trust me I don't usually agree with him) and he said, that it isn't the best movie ever, but that it was good, I was Surprised indeed.

Reviewing who where the actors and actresses still didn't make me want to see it that much, Robertico Salcedo, Jochy Santos, Tania Baez, Maria del Carmen Hernandez, I thought, why don't you people find real actors, not local tv hosts, but hey I was surprised all of them did a pretty good job. Also the venezuelan stars Ana Karina Casanova and i think the name of the other actor is Daniel Sarcos, they also both did a great job, congratulations.

The movie for me is one of the best dominican films, along with Nueba Yol (just the first part i didn't like the sequel at all, it's my opinion and i'll stand by it). Also Perico Ripiao and I give some credit to La Victoria and Andrea, which I found some flaws in the script, editing, production, among others, but still they delivered a very good final product.

I just wish, that our "Film Industry" can grow and start doing some great work, I don't expect us to be another Hollywood (at least not anytime soon) but Mexico, Argentina, Cuba and Spain haven't got a big industry as Hollywood, but they do make a great great job! We have to learn from them, not everything has to be a terrible comedy, and all the actors shouldn't be tv hosts, expand your horizons people, do a casting call, you'll find someone who can nail the part, don't think that people will only go and see a movie because Raymond Pozo starts in it, people will go and see the movie because its local and we all support it.

Also another advice, stop doing terrible movies because either way every single dominican is going to see it, make good movie that you can take to another country, make a movie that someone else who's not a part of this 8 million people will understand and love, I'm sorry but "La Maldición del Padre Cardona", i didn't like it, i don't understand how Zoe Zaldaña worked in it, don't even get me started with "Los Locos También Piensan" or "Negocios son Negocios" , if you do a great movie you'll get recognition, money, fame and someone who's willing to invest on you.


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