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Friday, February 03, 2006

Money, Money, Money, MOOONEEEEY

Mo' Money
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So here's a new apparently thing about me, I love money, well, actually i was told yesterday that I really really love money, which for me it was a surprise, because after all, I'm as humble as I can be, and I'm not a materialistic person.

So why I was told "Alejandro you love money", well because, I always want some and I could easily stay in a job that I don't like, just because of the income. Well that has its true...but still, I wouldn't say that's one of my best nor worst qualities, to be pointed out.

Today, still in shock by the "evening news" from last night, I decided to ask someone else who knows me, and she said "now that I think about it, you do"...Well EXcuseme, but money buy things and let you do things...pardon me for wanting to go and see a movie every now and then, or buying a video game, God please stop me from wanting to go on a trip paid by me, or even giving a gift.

I honestly am not someone who's starving for money, I've given to people who watch cars at night (or during the day depending of where i am) from 10 to 50 pesos (being 20 the usual). Some people say, hey that's too much money, my typicall (but true answer) is: "he needs it more than I do". Same theory I apply with waiters, I always leave them a tip, although if the service was bad I won't leave a thing, or if it was a high bill, well please forgive me for leaving either a little or nothing, hey I don't earn that much yet...

I don't think I'm greedy nor materialistic, it's not a bad qualitiy either, I like money, who doesn't? If there's anyone willing here to say that they don't like it, just give me your salary and I'll be more than happy to spend it for you, one thing is to like it or love it, another thing is just to live for it and be ruled by it.


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