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Monday, February 06, 2006


Rachel Mcadams
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Every now and then, comes a female actress which literally drive me crazy, it all began in the first years of the 90's with Tiffany Amber-Thiesen in the tv-show Saved by the Bell (i was around 5 or 6 so gimme a break). Then was Katie Holmes in the tv-show Dawson's Creek, which lead me to the following films: Go (which was great), Disturbing Behavior (iuk) Pieces of April (loved it), Batman Begins (loved it too) among others, it didn't take long until i cheated and fell for Drew Barrymore (ET, Charlie's Angels, Charlie's Angels Full Throttle, Riding the Car with Boys and more), after Drew came Nicole Kidman, you just gotta love her (Batman Forever, Practical Magic, The Others, Moulin Rouge, among others) and Naomi Watts (21grams, The Ring...) after her Lindsay Lohan (Freaky Friday, Mean Girls) then it came Marcia Cross (lover her as Bree Van de Kamp in Desperate Housewives) and my new found Love Rachel McAdams (The Hot Chick, Mean Girls, The Wedding Crashers, The Family Stone, The Notebook and Red Eye).

She is a superstar in the making, just being in the screen, she freshens it, she's superversatile, the notebook and mean girls, c'mon two opposite characters one great actress portraying them. This is an actress to keep track on, and I'd love to see her taking some very well deserved awards soon, she's been in your teenage film, thirller, romantic comedy, comedy and drama, she's able to do everything, and I'm a big fan of her. Good luck Rachel even though you will never read this.

By the way all the actresses named before Rachel McAdams, I still love them and are still my loves.

I know this post seems like a post done by a 13 y/o boy (or even younger) but I just had to say it out loud.


  • At 1:18 AM, Anonymous ricKster said…

    considera la jevita de pride and prejudice... no recuerdo el nombre ni tampoco quiero buscarlo que tengo mucho sueño... pero esa jevita viene fueeerte, bellisima y una actrisasa de alante.
    kudos for her (aproveche el post del niño de 13 años para decirlo)

  • At 1:25 AM, Blogger Alejandro Torres said…

    si mal no recuerdo la jevita de pride and prejudice se llama Keira Knightly (no estoy si asi se escribe el apellido) pero indeed she's also great, she won me over en Love Actually sobre todo en la escena del christmas eve donde va el tipo con los cartelones, por igual ha trabajado en Bend it like Beckham, King Arthur, Pirates of The Caribbean (and its sequel) The Jacket (excelente actuacion) y Pride and Prejudice, she's great, y en verdad se me olvido so thanks for the reminder...


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