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Monday, February 06, 2006


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Today I went to the movies and I saw The Family Stone with Sarah Jessica Parker, Luke Wilson, Diane Keaton, Rachel MacAdams, among other great actors and actresses..the movie touched a nerve in the end SPOILER (if you haven't seen the movie don't keep reading), in the end, Sybill, Diane Keaton's character dies. This moment took me back a few years ago, when I was just a little kid my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, from what I've heard, my father went crazy, apparently he even took the news worse than my own mom, he almost morgaged our house and sold his car to pay for my mothers operation and once he even crashed his car because he got drunk due to the fact he couldn't handle this news, that he could lose the love of his life. (My mom its cancer-free thanks God).

Like two or three years passed and one of my father 's sister lost her husband, I remembered that I loved my uncle a lot, he was my favorite uncle, he died when I was nine, at first I was very sad, but my aunt was destroyed with this, I remember praying to God everysingle night before I went to bed, to let her smile even if it was just once, eventually she did and around two to three years later she found another man, they're married now, and she's happy (although she hasn't forgot her first husband I know she still loves him).

In 1996, my grandfather from my mother side, died from Alzheimer, my grandma was devastated, the only thing I remember she kept saying was: "I lost my partner, I lost my partner" she kept saying that while she drowned herself in her tears; it was simply heartbraking.

After seeing this movie, and recolecting all this thoughts, I wonder, how can you deal with the passing of your life-partner? Do we ever move-on? I know we'll never forget this people, but how can we live without that person we've been together forever, with whom we've shared tons of moment and experiences, with whom we've created life?

Maybe we find a way to keep living, we learn to keep walking, I just think this but i'm not sure, I hope I never have to live through that experience, I'd rather it happens like in the movie "The Notebook" that they died together hughing each other, I couldn't live without my partner next to me and I couldn't forgive myself even in the after-life for leaving my partner with out me.

"Death is the only thing we can't escape from, its true, but I'd rather leave with you"


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