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Monday, February 13, 2006

Cupid's Sad, Cupid's Gone

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Cupid is sad, cupid is gone, what has happened with the international day of love? He came with flowers and bombons, he stayed with hughs and kisses, but he's now gone with tears in his eyes, with his love bow and arrows facing up to heaven, because here on earth, there's no more love.

Cupid's gone, his scent aswell, money and bussiness is what remains, money and coins, gift wraps and notes, somehow I start filling cold.

The cold air is all around me, making my heart pump cold blood, am I still human? Can I still love?

No I cannot, loves comes with a price tag, comes with a special offer or two, there's no more love, cupid's scent is gone.

Cupid's Sad, cupid's gone, Cupid is up in heaven looking down un us.

*The reason I wrote this, is because Valentine's day has stopped being a "love day" it's become a "commercial day", not everyone is in love, so lets just say its the day of "Friendship and Love" that gotta get customers to buy more*


  • At 9:13 PM, Blogger Aurelius said…

    Cupid is still out there, he hasn't gone anywhere. He lives among us. What has actually changed is the way we look at love. It's not the same anymore. What is love? We have no clue what it is anymore. We should not blame poor cupid, we should blame ourselves for being so capitalistic when it comes to love. Once we've found love we'll get to see cupid's vivid image shining, smiling on us. When that happens, everything we thought never existed will come to exist like magic.


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