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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Deal Breakers

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For those of you who doesn't know what a deal breakers is I will elaborate just a little in order to explain what they are...deal breakers are those little things (could be big, but usually they're little) that we just can't stand and won't learn to ever take from another person, it could be as simple as the way the laugh or as big as hum...their appearance....

For me a deal breaker is to be abused of...I'm a total push-over, just to avoid a fight, or some sort of trouble I will keep my mouth shut, or won't do anything that could even ignite the smallest fire, because trust me, if I ever ignite a little tiny match, the consequences will be even bigger than a volcano (it could seem that I'm overreacting, but trust me I'm not).

So I just let people make their things, try and outsmart me, that I don't say anything, doesn't mean i haven't noticed, I will give you signals, beginning with a (metaphorical of course) Stop Sign, then some Red Light and hey if you ran the red light, you deserve a ticket.

For me "third time's a charm" if you've been able to think you can fool me for the third time, that's it, you just went to far, if I let you do it again, its because I consider you, its because I think after the last warning things will change, and you'll stop without me telling you to.

If you decided to ignore what I said, sell me a sad story, or make up the lamest excuse ever its your problem, but if you do it again, no matter what you say or do, that will be it, i'm not dumb, my eyes are always wide open, my ears capturing every small little thing that can be heard, and my head always analyzing everything (if you think that can't be dangerous, trust me it is, very dangerous), I will literally won't ever forget it, i forgive, i don't forget it, really bad trait, but i'm sorry, it keeps you from getting hurt.

In the end my deal breaker is the "Abuse Re-Runs", the trying to outsmart me thing, not that much, I enjoy a great game, they're fun and I'm always ahead.

What's your deal breaker? Share it with me...


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