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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Light Culture

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Food, its right on top with water and air, as the three "musts" in order to survive. Food is on the third rank of this top 3, but surprisingly everything we do is around it.

If i could chose right now, i'd be eating a delicious Pepperoni Pizza, or some burritos, oh my god, french fries! ufff... or something sweet, brownie a la mode, fondant de chocolate, cheesecake...i better stop. Due to my past eating habits you i gained a lot of weight, and i now live in a light culture, in order to lose that weight and to be healthy, but then again that's just me.

Millions of people live every single day, in a light culture, they only drink diet sodas, light yogurts, salads, chicken, egg whites and salmon... (just as an example)... now there's light ice cream, light mayonaisse, light butter, coffee decaff, non-fat milk, light cheese...everything that's light or de-something (like decaff) it just doesn't tastes nor feel like its counter part, which leads me to think and to compare our eating habits with our living habits...

Are we missing out?

We've try to get things to be lighter, be it work (with less responsability the better), relationships (you will dump someone because of the stupidest thing) family (you'll just stand them on the holidays and that's it), we just want to make everything easy, but why? It doesn't feel the same, it doesn't tastes the same, if you eat tons of fat, your artheries will clog and you could potentially die, so reduce the amount of fat that you ingest, but don't reduce it, its like carbs, send Atkins and South Beach to hell, at least 60% of the food you ingest in a day should be carbs, but eat healthy.

With relationships as well, you don't have to stand all the things from your significant other, but do try, and try to comprehend and accept those things if you can't change it.

You can't always eat desserts, but that doesn't mean you can't have some every now and then...

I hope somehow this two concepts are expressed clearly, and all of you, carbs rule, forget the light culture, don't miss out, enjoy everything (be moderate) otherwise your life will past you by and you'll always wonder "what if..."


  • At 11:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ya me di cuenta que fue a partir de enero que te dañaste escribiendo solo en español...parece que una de tus new year´s resolution era perder la personalidad y ser un ¨wanna be¨, pero ni modo, cada quien traza metas en nuevo año...algunas (como las tuyas) son medio raras....podrias dedicarme un escrito a a mi??? que sea en español? bueno, cuidate. 83266

  • At 12:42 PM, Blogger Gus.- said…

    Great Post!, Pretty Real I’d say. It's all about balance.

    P.D: You Guys, C'mon, B Supportive and share your thoughts in the comments. Compartan tambien.


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