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Monday, May 08, 2006


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Last saturday I got pretty darn bored, and while juggling with some ideas and thoughts inside my head I stumbled with one...one that made sense, was logic and in my eyes, as true as it can get.

"We all use someone"

What? Don't you think so...? Really...you never use someone...hum..., let's see...

You're in a doctor's office, you feel a little bit sick, the doctor is checking you, to see what's wrong, hey will give you your diagnosis, a treatment etc... you will pay him for his services and do whatever he says in order to get better... where did anyone there use someone else...?

Well you as a patient used your doctor, you feel bad, you need to get better, he was the one who spent all those years studying, now you're using his skills and knowledge to get over an illness, but hey, wait a minute, he's using you too, everyone love their jobs (if that's what they want to do anyways) and doctors, they're freaks when it comes to work, they love it, they live by it (not complaining here, keep up the good work) but he's also using you, because he enjoys his work, he practices what he has learned and he also gets money for it...

We don't see nothing wrong with this case because its a win/win situation, so no one "used" no one, we can only say, "somebody use me" when it was a win/lose situation...

Sex (usually is a win/win situation), work, school, friendship, relationships, for everything you need to use someone else, think about it, analyze it...prove me wrong...

Its the circle of life, there's nothing wrong with it...as long as we don't take advantage of someone else and leave them in blank..


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