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Friday, May 05, 2006


This is my owner, so I shall pee on him, so other doggies and bitches will stay away, I peed on him, he has my scent now, and probably after this he will hit me with the newspaper but I don't mind, I like it rough...that's hot....

Why in relationships there's always (mostly in the male side) the idea that you own the other person, that you're their propertie and that like a dog, they should (not literally) pee on you or around you, so others will stand back and won't hump you on the back...

Have you ever thought...I can do it without you noticing...i know other dogs enjoy the fact that i'm already owned, it makes them feel like studs and babes, like yes, he/she rather be with me than you, i'm giving him/her what some other "dog" can't.

You have to stop and thinking you own someone, stop peeing all over them, that's just humiliating, discusting and says a lot about the kind of person you are, a distrustful one...if you see your dog or bitch sniffing some other dog, it doesn't mean they'll leave you, they might just be saying hi how are you, where do they serve the best chinese food around here... or hey they might even get a new friend so all three of you can go to the park and play with a freesbee, god!

Peeing on someone else is discusting...iuk..!


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