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Sunday, May 14, 2006


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Haven't you noticed that a few years ago, a lot of people began wearing this "Che Guevara" t-shirts...probably because you think, they support his ideology, they see him as a great leader...but I'm pretty darn sure, if you would have ask any of those persons wearing it, what was the "Che's" ideology, they wouldn't know what to answer... Symbols in this example the image of Ernesto Che Guevara, are very powerful, they're not powerful just because they exist, they are powerful because society, the people behind that concept, idea or movement made them powerful, with a symbol they're summing up a group of ideas, they're giving it power.

Take the catholic cross for example, does it actually means something? In itself, its simply a cross, but we catholics use it, to remember ourselves the Christ died on the cross with it paying for our sins, that cross reminds us that, and we use it around our necks (or the people who do it, i don't) to remind themselves that God is always with them. Would it have the same effect if someone who doesn't believe in God wore it?

Ying-yang, Buddha, they're all symbols, symbols that if we're ignorants when using them, we don't know the effect they can have, or the message they're sending. Yesterday, I put on a shirt to go to the gym, it had a symbol, I had no idea, what this symbol represented, my sister bought the shirt for me, and I'm pretty darn sure, she bought because of the design, nothing else, she liked it, found it pretty...

When I put the shirt on, I thought, I know someone will ask me, what does this symbol represents, and I won't know what to say? And why am I wearing a symbol which I don't know what represents, I could probably offend someone unintentionnally, or letting people think i support an ideology that i don't stand for.

When I got to the gym, still thinking about this, someone called me over and asked me, "are you russian?", i said "no" and he told me "well you're wearing a shirt with the symbol of the soviet union" and i didn't know what to say, and left...I knew it, it was going to happen, and I pass as a complet ignorant...

Symbols have power, but when they're promoted by ignorants of what this symbol means, it could start even wars with out us wanting that...be careful, always do your research, every symbol has a meaning and there's always someone who knows what it means..


  • At 7:24 PM, Blogger Apolus said…

    I love the way you put honesty and inocence in so damn real posts.

    I always have this curios sense of research about any symbol I see and atract myself. This post makes that have a bit more sense...

  • At 9:06 PM, Blogger fernandroide said…

    interesting point...
    symbols are design to be interpreted in any way one is inclined to... a symbol doesnt say what it is. doesnt say what it means, it maintains a little mystery to it's representation.. otherwise. it's merely a sign. symbols are to be Decoded, signs are to be read. a cross... using your example is both a sign and a symbol. to many people( they great majority) it symbolizes somthing spiritual, religious, to other, such as my self , it simply means more, plus, adding, as a sign.
    don't know if u understand me. it is true we should be carefull with what symbol we portrai, but then again. if a little face with two little horns means simply a MAN/COW and a lot of people will automatically asume it's the devil, it should restrict u to your own concepts. symbols are personal. signs are methodical.
    peace out bro. (whoever you are)


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