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Monday, June 05, 2006

Ways of Lovin'

with you
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How are relationships possible on the 21st Century? How do they work? And what things are we willing to compromise and/or put up with in order to be with the one we love...

These questions have been in my mind, since last Saturday, while I was hanguing out on the pool at the Breezes all inclusive resort in Punta Cana, I saw two guys on the pool bar talking, they were kind of drunk, and way horny... These guys, one who I presume must've been around 45 or 50 years old and another one of probably in his late 20's or early 30's were well, kissing...at first it was on the forehead, then on the cheek, and neck...me and the group I was with, didn't mind at first, until when I headed to the pool bar to get a drink, and I accidentally overheard their conversation, the oldest one was married and the younger one had a girlfriend.

While I was still in the bar, the wife of the older one came, and sort of slap him on his head, not that hard, when I got back to the group I was with, we saw the girlfriend of the youngest one calling him, and they either talked or arguee, I don't know, but the girl stayed there, and her boyfriend was still talking, kissing and being kissed by the older man....everyone on the pool began to notice this, and began yelling "kiss, kiss" the older man move to another side of the pool, and he was followed by the younger one, the younger one's girlfriend stayed put where she was...after a while, they started making out, the entire pool was staring and yelling once again: "kiss, kiss" Suddenly, I noticed the woman, she was starting to feel humiliated, I began calling the friends I saw who were in that grup (and they were not yelling) to go where I was, they did, but the rest of the pool kept yelling, I kept staring at the woman, and I saw her face, it broke my heart.

She yelled at her boyfriend to stop and come over, they arguee while she dryed herself and picked her stuff up, I presume they went to their room and had a major fight...

As you can imagine, everyone was talking about it, no one knows what happened here, some said he was too drunk, but hey, if you're not gay, it doesn't matter how much alcohol you consume, you won't kiss another man, some people thought, why didn't she stop him?
Hey they talked apparently she approved, and maybe when they first started going out, he said to her: "Baby, i'm bi, and everynow and then I'm going to have sex with a guy, you either accept this or we can't be together", which she probably agreed to or added "well me too", whatever happenned was something they agreed on since day one.

Now a days, when there's a lot of desires in the air, what kind of things are we willing to stand in order to be with the one we love? That they can be with someone else of the opposite sex, or probably with someone of the same sex? How many women have to ignore the fact that their husband are probably cheating on them after a day, 6 months, a year, or 50 years of marriage? How many have threesomes, foursomes, are swingers, trade couples, go to sex parties, what does it take to maintain a relationship on the 21st century, a somewhat morbid libido?

All those things, as fun as they might be, actually maintain a healthy relationship, does it actually make it last without tearing it apart bit by bit? Any thoughts...?


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