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Monday, May 15, 2006


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I know i'll probably be butchered when people read this post, or at least people will want to hang me, but I don't care I'm writing it... Could like all the ugly people, no not ugly strike that, people who think they're ugly, who doesn't feel comfortable in their own body, people who look themselves at a mirror and don't like what they see, stop trying to blame on the media their low self-steem...GOD!!!

Last Friday I was reading a magazine, which will remain unmentioned, and they have a section, in which their readers can send comments on the things they hate (life, their magazine, job, people, friends, etc...) one of their readers, wrote saying that she hated how the new campaign of the Brahma beer, makes women look, like some sort of object (you know how this goes, even if you didn't read that)...

The tv spot, shows a woman on the beach, wearing a really tiny bathing suit, going to a beach bar and buying a Brahma beer, while she's waiting for the beer, we can see a drop of sweat streaming down her back, down to her tight butt and then to her thighs, she takes a zip of the beer, and the drop of sweat will go back where it left.

Being an advertiser I can say there are a few things wrong with this commercial, first of all, thanks to the cable tv, I've been able to see some past Brahma campaigns for other countries, this campaigns are "well thought of" they have concept, in this one, they're just showing that Brahma freshens you up, oh my god...same concept as every other beer has shown... they do it also in a bad way, why does the drop of sweat goes back to the sameplace, can't it just disappear, and what about the rest of her body, its still all sweaty...hum...guess its only works on a single drop.

Yes I don't like the campaign either, but butchering it because it shows a beautiful woman with a great body its senseless and pointless, it does lacks concepts and sex IS the easiest thing to sell, a friend of mine doing research for a class found the following quote: "When everything else fails, insert sex"...

Why am I criticizing the woman who sent the angry letter, well..I don't see fat man complaining when a guy with a great body appears naked on a beer, perfume or underware commercial...hey why does a guy with who's probably been working out since age 5, appears on the package of underware with an XL size. And i'm not trying to justify it with saying guys don't do that, but hello!! Would you actually like to see in a movie/tv show or magazine someone who'd you consider to be ugly?

Seriously, the media is not setting the standards, society is setting them, the media only follows them in order to get the higher ratings, to get more money, that's it, we see in our screens (be it computer, movies or tv) exactly what we want to see...if that makes you feel bad, then you have a problem, if you feel you're fat, look yourself in a mirror, are you really? or it just makes you feel bad because you're not a size zero, hey you don't have to be, you don't need to have the biggest boobs, or be blonde, as long as you feel good with yourself, no matter how you look, how big, short, fat, thin, strong, lean, hairy or smooth you are, you can be the hottest thing since warm bread, it is only up to you to feel this way, if you don't, don't blame the media, blame yourself...


  • At 10:44 PM, Blogger Apolus said…

    Good words to make a reflection...

    Finale is just a nice turn to what you started saying...

    The whole post remind me a campaign I saw last saturday on a magazine. I do my research just now, I found it on web, is the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. Acá está el link, por si les interesa:


    In this another links you can find pics of the images I saw in the magazine: an old woman with gray hair, an old woman full of wrinkles, and so and so:


  • At 1:41 AM, Blogger carloé said…

    i got a great link for all print ads

    reagarding brahma's drop, its a copy from another ad, like 5 years ago, from another braziliam beer actually, can't remember the name or perhaps its the same brahma who the hell knows


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