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Monday, May 15, 2006


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If I thought that with the last post I was going to be butchered, in this one I will probably be expelled from the catholic church and be called an atheist, I don't care, if they do it (which I doubt, because they probably won't ever read this) it will only prove that I'm right...

I've sort of been pulling away from the catholic church, because I feel its filled with lies and cover ups (this has NOTHING to do with The Da Vinci Code, just in case). I think some of their rules are obsolete and it only brings sorrow and division, for example: Priests can't get married, hey you can't ask someone to give up sex, its hurtful when you hear that this altar boys have been raped by priests, is it really their fault? (just to show an example)

Oh well, the thing is, last Christmas, I travelled to Rome, and of course while in Rome we visited Vatican City, I hoped that when I left that place, all my faith in the catholic church was going to come back, I couldn't be more wrong... First of all they charge you a lot (I don't remember right now how much is it, but its a lot) I understand they have there are paintings and other forms of art that must be taken care of, hello The Sixtine Chapel, amazing, its breath-taking...But once you enter this "city" of greed you'll see that everything is in marble, gold, every two steps you take, you will see a freaking gift shop, seriously i think every room has a gift shop (and i'm not exagerating here) you see in displays, all this gold rings that have been wore by the popes and deacons, all this cups made in gold, with precious (and expensive) gems. Why? Oh why? You have all that money to make that, with God knows how many people outside of the walls of the Vatican City dying of hunger, thirst or illness. Just selling one of those rings could probably feed everyone in Haiti, remember what they ask of you: "be humble cause only like that, you'll enter the reign of God".

I didn't post this earlier, because, well... I didn't feel like it, only until last week, as you all must know, there's a movie called The Da Vinci Code, based on a book by the same name which is a very good book that describes to every single detail the masterpieces of some great artists of the past and mixes it with fiction, this fiction (or could it be true...) hurts the catholic church pretty bad. They've asked all of us to not go and see it, but they even dared to say on an article I read: "2000 years ago Jesus Christ was sold for 30 silver coins, now, they sell it trough publishers, Hollywood and funny books, just to get more money"...I got really angry, how do you dare saying that?

You the same people who sell his image in every single way, don't you remember how its written on the bible, that Jesus was filled with wrath when they saw people selling things on the Temple, on his fathers house?

If Jesus could come right now on earth, he wouldn't burn that book, he would destroy every crucifix, every little thing with his image, or his mother's image, a saint's image or his father's image, i'd be pretty darn sure, he doesn't care of the value of the ceiling of the Sixtine Chapel, he would destroy it, burn it to the ground, you bunch of hipocrites. He is all love, but no one likes it when they mess with their dad, specially when you're the Son of the Almighty.


  • At 12:33 AM, Blogger Apolus said…

    I just dont know, either, how they can dare saying that!

    Thanks for remiend me tha text when He filled with wrath when saw people selling things on the temple...


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