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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


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So, staying with the "movies that have send a message" mode, I saw one two weeks ago, which is obvious from the picture, the movie was The Last Holiday, starring Queen Latifah...this movie is not Oscar worthy probably not even MTV Movie Award worthy, and this is not to trash the movie, which I felt send its message through a great funny actress as Queen Latifah is (although I think she could be given better material) anywho... The movie is about this woman (forgot her name, so its the one Queen Latifah plays, we'll call her Queenie) So Queenie suffers a little accident and hits hear head, when she goes and sees a doctor, the doctor tells her she has three weeks left to live, so she quits her job, sells everything and goes to Europe to enjoy her last Christmas, and last days on Earth.

But now Queenie has changed, she enjoys life more, she doesn't travel second class, she goes on business class, she doesn't try just one of the chef's special dishes, she tries them all, she speaks her mind, she jumps from a damn, she skies, she does everything she can without fear (she's going to die anyway, so if the fall doesn't kill her, the accident she suffered will), she has a lot of money, why save it if she's not going to enjoy it post-mortum... In one scene, she writes a letter, telling to her family, she wants to be cremated and spread across the sea ( i think it was the sea), because she has spent her whole life living in a box, she won't spend eternity sleeping on one...

My point is, you're not supposed to spend every single penny you own, because lets face it, we'll probably won't die tomorrow, but we should live without fear, without fear of what we might say, or do, it just holds us back, it will make us regret not having lived more, and enjoyed more...I could keep on this subject but my computer has gone crazy and I don't want to lose everything I've written, so "Post Entry"


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