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Monday, May 29, 2006


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How can I explain it? Where should I begin to say it? One thing is for sure, my love for the X-Men. It began when I was a young child, and I saw their cartoons, I never got to read the comics as a child, because unlike the States there isn't a "comic culture" here on the Dominican Republic. As a child, I saw this cartoons, because I found them cool, hey they had super powers, I loved them, I saw them as much as I could, without understanding that underneath all of this I found cool they had a message, they had meaning.

I began to understand this meaning after a long time, it was the year 2000, I was 16 and X-Men The Movie was just released, at first I said, I have to see it, I loved the comics as a child, when I left the theater I was blown away, this was one of the best super heroe movies I've ever seen and when it finished I had seen the message that these heroes have been sending since day one: Tolerance and Acceptance. Story wise, you could easily relate it with the jews back on World War II, how the germans made them register, this registration caused almost their entire extermination.

The sequel released If I'm not badly mistaken on 2003, was superior, on effects, on story, on characters and character development, they portrayed society, or part of it, (with Stryker) that if they don't understand it, then its not normal and it should be removed. I read a few days ago, that in a scene where Bobby Drake (Iceman) told his parents that he is a mutant, Sir Ian McKelly (Magneto) talked to the producers and writers to make it feel as if it was a gay teenager coming out to his parents, it was a superb scene, but it's just part of a greater whole, on how the minorities should unite and fight those who mistakenly thing that they're a threat and by thinking this try to eliminate them...

When this sequel ended, I couldn't wait for the third part to come, I knew it had to deal with the Phoenix, and I love my Jamke, she's a great actress...The Last Stand, the third movie, came out a few days ago, ever since I saw the trailer, I just couldn't wait to see it, and I was not dissapointed, although as a conclussion its not better than its two predecessors, it is great, what lacks is more characther development and on screen time, (Rogue hardly appear, the Rogue-Icemen-Kitty Pride love triangle was hardly developed, at least Storm now had more screen time, but Cyclops was only important apparently on the first film, on the sequel he only had like 5minutes of screentime and in this one apparently around 2). They needed to go deeper (Angel storyline, I did miss Mystique, would've loved to see the Icemen-Pyro fighting sequence to last longer) and the movie as a whole not to be so fast-paced, it took all the storylines and just covered the tip of them, it would have beneffit of some 30mins more.

But the story, is great, about how power corrupts (Jean Grey / Phoenix) and about "the cure". Probably if society could create a cure for homosexuality, being black, be from another religion or ethnic group or to anything they'd found different, they would create it. As long as you are who you are, you're normal, there's nothing wrong with being different, but being ignorant and literally stupid it is.

X-Men, I know there will be a fourth film, I'm waiting for you guys...


  • At 2:15 PM, Blogger Apolus said…

    Mmmm, just exactly to the point. I love your analysis about the movie. I always, since the cartoons, related with homosexuality and other minorities, but as I grow I attach my heart much more to the content, to the meaning of the movie or cartoons, as you say: tolerance and acceptance.

    Its not about being an outsider, is about being who you are, whether that makes you fell that you fit or not into one or another group.

    But there's not forget that, even when you decide to be who you are, no matter what, the other component is always present, in a bit or a big form. There's a song, a melancolic one, that explain what Im trying to say:

    (M. Carey & W. Afanasieff)

    It's hard to explain
    Inherently it's just always been strange
    Neither here nor there
    Always somewhat out of place everywhere
    Without a sense of belonging to touch
    Somewhere halfway
    Feeling there's no one completely the same

    Standing alone
    Eager to just
    Believe it's good enough to be what
    You really are
    But in your heart
    Uncertainty forever lies
    And you'll always be
    Somewhere on the

    Early on, you face
    The realization you don't have a space
    Where you fit in
    And recognize you
    Were born to exist


    And it's hard
    And it's hard
    And it's hard

    Falling in between
    And it's hard
    And it's hard
    To be understood
    As you are
    As you are
    Oh, and God knows
    That you're standing on your own
    Blind and unguided
    Into a world divided
    You're thrown
    Where you're never quite the same
    Although you try - try and try
    To tell yourself
    You really are
    But in your heart - uncertainty forever lies
    And you'll always be
    Somewhere on the outside
    You'll always be
    Somewhere on the outside


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