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Here I'll talk about the things I see, feel, think and imagine, of things that are, were or could be, in hopes for people to enter my mind and we could share some thoughts...

Friday, August 11, 2006


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The desicions we take, be them big or small affect, even if it is just a bit, our life. Since we are children, we picture what do we want to do in life, we see ourselves as astronauts, models, actors, lawyers, cowboys, hookers (well ok "escorts") . The point is, from that moment on we start walking the road that will eventually lead us to our final desicion.

The time spent between making this desicion and getting there, we spent it imagining what would happen, the new things we're going to do, the new places we're going to see, we get so lost picturing it that we forget what we're leaving behind, our loved ones, our friends, family, our life.

The true impact of this desicion will only hit us moments away from this change, this moment might be determined in days, hours, minutes, but the emotional wage its carries leaves us all bruised up and hurt, sometimes making us regret our desicion.

We shouldn't regret, we shouldn't try to find a loophole and wish it never happened, we have to remember that the pain will pass, the bruises and the scars will heal, and that our loved ones, if they really love us and we love them as much as we say, we'll never be appart. You can always visit (or receive the visits) talk to them by phone, email, mail, and for that special someone ,a long weekend getaway.

To triumph sometimes we have to make big and small sacrifices, but if we keep a clear head, and know exactly what we want out of life and work towards getting it, everything will turn out great. The only thing left to do is to embrace the future and keep the past close to your heart.


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