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Here I'll talk about the things I see, feel, think and imagine, of things that are, were or could be, in hopes for people to enter my mind and we could share some thoughts...

Monday, July 03, 2006


which one honey?
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Life everyday gives us options, choices to make in order to make it through the day and of course through life. We ponder these options in order to try and predict what could happen and chose the best one, yet somehow even if we take the right choice, we stop and think, "What if I had done this differently?

The infamous, "What If" . Why can't we stop wondering, is it in our nature to doubt our choices? Its okay to think what would had happened if...? I know that one of the choices I made lead me to one of the biggest changes in my life, losing weight. The path to this choice (due to many things involved in it, is more complex than how I am describing it here) lead me to lose a friend, but then again, if it was a real friend then I would have never lost it in the first place, so, an acquaintance, but If those actions and choices (which lead me to lose weight) I had never done them in the first place, I would have never arrived to that path and be where I am today, and how I look today...

What if I had woken up five minutes earlier this morning? What if I hadn't done my bachelors degree here and gone to the states? What if I had studied something else? What if...there are a million what ifs, a thousand alternate universes in which our life could be different, but do we really want to have an alternate life? Would the problems that we have know won't exist there? But what if we in that alternate universe because we don't have that problem we might have something much worse?

Our choices, right or wrong, are the ones which define who we are today and for what do we stand for. These choices are the one that make us grow and make us fall, you don't like who you are today? You don't like the path you've walked? Change the path, change yourself, see who you are, there's always that choice, there's always that what if, we can't erase the past, but the actions we take today will shape our future, wrong or right is our choice.


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