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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Red Light

you bastard!
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When we fall inlove, and we find that special someone in our lives, we think to ourselves that now we have one person who is entirely ours, who will love us for the rest of our lives and who will be faithful to us.

Sometimes in a relationship, this last bit is not completely true, and maybe in a 50 year relationship, we have been with someone else, once, twice or every single day.

Are we able to be faithful forever to our partner?

I'm assuming not, human beings are animals, we do have a conscience, and we use logic and reason, but we're still animals, driven by instinct and by our desires, sometimes we act up on them, sometimes we're strong enough to follow reason and say "stop".

But as any driver should know, you just sometimes drive through a red light, we do follow our desires. We probably think that people like our parents have been faithful their entire lives, but probably they haven't, probably they've had fights we've never known so that we don't change our perception from them, unless its so obvious or constant that one of them (the one being cheated) gets tired of it and files for divorce, or a brake , or the one cheating, falls inlove with the "other" person (just in case, this hasn't and hopefully will never have to happen in my life, i'm just giving and example).

We tell ourselves everyday, we won't tolerate cheating, however, after a long-term relationship or a long marriage, or just too many relationships we learn that everyone does it, at least once, and you know what we do it ouserlves, how can we demand from someone else what we can't give in return? And its not because we don't want to, its because of our animal (or wild) side that leads us to it.

As I stated earlier, there's something that separate us from our fellow mammals, and its our intellect and reason, we should always try and hit the brakes, we should never cross a red light, sometimes we slip and fall, but try to get a hold of it, because in the end, people feelings are on the line, no one likes to hurt anyone, but there's no way tell if you cross that red light, if it will hit someone else.


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