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Monday, June 26, 2006

Looking Good

looking good
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Okay, so I'm posting a picture of me, and its not only because I look good (not only in that picture, oh forgive my ego, its just one of those ego days) so...anywho...there's always a phrase I've said: "You have to be always ready for war", and not necesarilly the one were you go with a helmet and a gun, is the one we have everyday, to look our best.

When we dress, sometimes we don't care if we look our best or not, dressing up is tiring, specially for women, us men, don't have to worry that much, anywho... why am I talking about this? Well...single people must be ready to always give a good impression, after all you never know when you're going to meet the future father/mother of your children, yes it might even be that day when you have a terrible flu and you decided to leave in your jammies to the pharmacy to buy some medicine...but what, you're thinking because you have a partner or a husband/wive you should just lay there to waste!, well...newsflah NO...

Last night I was at RED Bar and Grill having dinner, the first thing I noticed was a couple sitting right in front of me, why did I noticed them? Well, the man was obviestly a toursit and the woman was a local, you know, local as in sanky (the woman that have sex with man in exchange for money, food and clothes)...She (like everyone else on her profession) wasn't actually that pretty, she was butt ugly, but hey she got a handsome guy who was (apparently) from Italy or France, she could do whatever she wanted, she landed a guy....

Hum...when I was almost leaving arrived this girl, probably in her early 20's, she was overall hot, although didn't have a pretty face, but she was SENSUAL, yes, very much...when she walked in the restaurant everyone noticed her, she sat right next to the couple I'm talking about, the guy, didn't stop looking at her for one second, I even thought he was going to say hi to her, or that he knew her, sitting to the other side of this sensual woman, was a man, his wife and their young son, the wive was talking her husband's ear off, while he was staring to this girl, why?

Because she looked good, because she went to the beauty parlor, she spend her time putting some make up on, and she dressed like she was ready to conquer the world.

I didn't stay there to see how all of these couples evening ended, but while I was there, the tourist I swear got his hand closer and closer to this girl as he could, and you know what, probably the woman he was with felt very confident, that was her mistake, you gotta give your man/woman, something to look at, there will always be competition, and even if you win the war, you should also try and win the battles, give them eye candy, or they will get tired of seeing the same thing every day.

Its like you're always going to a job interview, or out on a first day, you have to look your best, you have to look attractive, sharp, confident, like you own the world, even if you don't, you have to go to a place and have every single person in the room staring at you, even if its only for a second, you have to look good...


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