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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


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Don't you enjoy walking to a Haguen Daaz or a Basking Robbins, or to whatever icecream brand you like, and see this amazing variety of flavors, where most of the time before you even walk through the door you know exactly what you're going to ask for, but there's always that new flavor that you're going to ask to try, or that other flavor you've never tryed and might do it today.

A relation is like ice cream, you might try several flavors (or even brands, which in this case would be "types") before sticking to the one you like.

For me, its anything with chocolate (although sometimes I have some Praline's 'n cream) , but hey, don't you ever get tired of having the same flavor everytime you go for ice cream? In a relationship, how do you make something which at first could be so exciting like making love in a way that is not monotamous and that won't make you even think of trying a new flavor? You have to spice it up, or on this comparisson, add a topping.

Chocolate ice cream is good, but you know how its even better, add some hot chocolate on top of it, or hot chocolate and whipped cream, or add some sprinkles, or peanutes, or cookies, corn flakes, there has to be hundreds and hundreds of combinations so that you don't always have to eat some plain ol' chocolate ice cream, in a relationship, use a costume, wear a sexy costume or like in chocolate add some chocolate sauce, whipped cream and/or cherries.

Don't do it every day, remember chocolate ice cream by itself is great, so its your partner, if you keep adding or changing stuff remember, the basics are pretty good too...

*Results may vary. Remember eating tons of ice cream will make you gain more than a few extra pounds.


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